Hopson Consultancy invests in the next generation of leaders through its Internship Pathway Program (“IPP”). Selected college, graduate-level and recent graduates seeking hands-on learning, professional growth, and career progression are provided pathways for career readiness and advancement in a mentor/mentee environment. Our program has a proven track record of selecting motivated students that receive full-time job offers after program completion.

Program Benefits

Business Insight > Our interns gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of a business, including current trends, leading practices, and innovative technologies, giving them a competitive edge in their future career.

Skill Development > Our internship program offers an unparalleled opportunity for interns to sharpen their skills in a professional setting under the guidance of experienced professionals. Interns have the chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom and further their knowledge and expertise in their field of choice.

Career Advancement > This program serves as a vital step towards a rewarding career and provides a significant student advantage in a competitive job market.

Career Guidance > Our team provides comprehensive career guidance and support, including resume and cover letter reviews, and mock interviews, to ensure interns have the tools and support they need to succeed.

Increased Earning Potential > Interns in our program often earn higher salaries than those who do not, as they have acquired in-demand project management skills and experience highly sought after in the job market.

Professional Development & Networking > Our program provides pathways to recommended workshops, training sessions, conferences, and networking opportunities to further the interns’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Flexible Work Arrangements > Our program offers flexible work arrangements, including remote work options, to accommodate the needs of our interns and help them balance their internship with other responsibilities.

Compensation > Our program offers paid internships to selected, qualified interns who are highly motivated to step up, stand out, grow, and expand.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3.5 gpa, above average & solid academic performance
  • Part-time enrollment + unofficial transcripts
  • Professional and/or school references (2)

Inquiry & Introduction

Take the first step towards reaching your full potential by applying to our Internship Pathway Program.

Simply email support@hopsonconsultancy.com with the subject line “Internship Pathway Program – Your Full Name” and introduce yourself.

To ensure a prompt response, include an introduction explaining the factors that led you to our program, along with your resume, unofficial transcript(s), and two professional or school references in your email.