Hopson Consultancy uses data, pattern discernment, systematic response, inter-system response, and critical hermeneutics to help you solve complex problems.  As systems thinkers, our technique is our method.  

Step 1 – Uncover the Facts

We mindfully extract your business values with a capacity building framework assessment in preparation for a gaps analysis.

Your capacity gaps report may include high-impact toolkits and resource recommendations from:

Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders methods for organizational development

Wallace Foundation and FMA’s fiscal strength tools for financial management development

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute’s RBA for program metrics development

Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative‘s Change Toolkit Sampler by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter for project-initiative scale development

We also provide project management resources and methods to successfully meet goals.

Step 2 – Actionable Cross-sector Strategies

We will co-produce your strategic objectives with a learning feedback loop that’s goal congruent, generating a realistic transformation blueprint with actionable strategies and implementable capacity building methods.

Step 3 – Implementation & Check-ins

We will launch, co-function, co-work and implement your strategic objectives, transformation blueprints with regularly scheduled check-ins and progress reporting.

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Certified Small/Minority Business Enterprise,
State of Connecticut’s Department of Administrative Services, 2017-2019
Diversity Champion in Business,
Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journals, 2016-2017