Hopson Consultancy, LLC designs and implements training & development programs to improve individual and organizational performance.

We understand change is constant.

Culture shaping and managing growth requires advanced leadership ready for change. Our trainings co-create a thriving, goal congruent culture ready for transformation in the workplace.

We strengthen personal resiliency.

Our trainers and business matter experts develop leadership personas from a collaborative conversion and job fluidity approach.  Our workshops enhance personal drive and performance in the workplace.

We expand an individual’s working identity.

Our professional development sessions galvanize a deep engagement for job fluidity, working beyond a profession, title, and job description in the workplace.

We foster diversity mindsets.

Our diversity trainers provide up to date research, trends, and implementable strategies for cultural competence in the workplace.

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Certified Small/Minority Business Enterprise,
State of Connecticut’s Department of Administrative Services
Diversity Champion in Business,
Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journals
Certified Member, The Chief of Staff Association